Is Pornography Considered Infidelity in Marriage?

As the internet becomes more popular, the increase of pornography is now seriously and alarmingly great. Boys are taught in their young age that a woman is sexy when she looks or acts in a particular way. Girls, in turn, are informed that if they will do certain things men will think the are sexy. Pornography stimulates the imagination and sexual desires of both women and men.

Most women do not have the looks like those women on adult films or magazines. A woman starts feeling old after a particular age, thinks less of herself and lives under the consistent pressure and stress that her husband would cheat on her with a more attractive and younger woman. According to the recent studies, after reaching the age of 29, women consider themselves old and men feel unattractive as they start developing bald spots and when they do not have well defined abs.

You should stop if your spouse feels not good about pornography. Pornography must be carefully exploited so your partner’s feelings will not be hurt. It may be more exciting if you will watch an adult movie together and if you are both willing to experiment in bed and reenact what you can see on screen. However, if your partner disapproves, you need to be considerate of the feelings of your partner and stop to that kind of behavior.

Viewing pornography in secret and to keep it away from your partner might damage the relationship. Have the guts to talk about it and share your fantasies with your partner. It may pleasantly surprised you. You may try to analyze their thoughts and desires and meet them until it makes both of you comfortable if your partner won’t share those fantasies.

Never look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere if your sex life is becoming dull. Discuss it with your partner. Try to solve the problem and spice up your sex life. Pornography can help as a tool for such purpose but to get satisfaction from porn defeats the purpose mentioned above. Intimacy is very important in a relationship. Your marriage is at risk if there is a problem in that domain.

For many married couples, pornography is a normal subject. If everybody freely communicates their wants and desires, then it may be a good source of new ideas in spicing up your relationship. Just make sure that your partner is also comfortable with it.